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“Life is about learning, and it’s also about teaching. It’s about discovering new things about the world, about other people, and even about yourself. It’s about what you’ve learned at the end of the day, in the most difficult of situations, and in the most trying of times. It’s about shining a light in the midst of darkness–making the best out of an unfortunate situation. Life is about our laughter, our accomplishments, our sunny days, our rainy days, our tears, our failures…our journey.”

~T.S. Wilkins~

I feel like I have to pinch myself!!! The Universe is actually opening up and showering me with blessings. When I say the Universe, I mean God and the laws of nature that I am learning to live by. 

Letting go is a constant struggle for me. I have to keep learning the lesson over and over again and I guess I will keep repeating myself until I get it right. Well, today, I have it right. Are the stars aligned or am I just aligned with the way things “work”? I only know that when I begin my day with the belief that I am able to create my life- that was God given- by starting with gratitude, staying with gratitude and ending with gratitude, it feels like a floodgate of “good” things happen that are aligned with my goals. 

That’s where I am today…so grateful. It is just wonderful to be in the NOW!.. and then I start getting nervous about what is coming tomorrow and I want to hold on to what I have today and… there’s the letting go thing again. Quite simply, life is an ebb and a flow. It is all part and parcel of the same thing. Without one, you don’t have the other. So that’s where acceptance comes in. Accepting that there will be “good” days followed by “bad” days ad infinitum…and it is how I live them that counts… that becomes my legacy.

Oh boy, it’s hard to let go! But having a death grip on life doesn’t work!

I have been called over controlling, over achieving, overbearing… You name it.  Excessive is my middle name. I’m either in or I’m out…up or down…yes.. It’s true… I HAVE CONTROL ISSUES!

I learned a long time ago that letting go can literally save your life. I had to do it while practicing stalls in an airplane alone as I saw the ground spinning towards me because I was trying to MAKE the airplane fly. The harder I fought the laws of nature the closer I came to crashing and burning.

It doesn’t take long to figure out that if you keep doing what you are doing you will keep getting what you are getting, but try remembering that in an airplane as you are about to dig a hole 20 feet into the ground.

Sometimes we have to do things that appear to be counter-intuitive.. just trust the laws of nature and LET GO. The truth is, we control nothing in life and that is precisely why we keep trying to MAKE it go the way we want it to go.

I lived to tell the tale of my terrifying lesson on letting go that day so long ago by taking my hands off the yoke and allowing the airplane to do what it was made to do FLY…and trust that aerodynamics wouldn’t decide to take the day off. That doesn’t mean that I don’t forget it every now and then, but I now have the ability stop, choose to correct early and remind myself that if I just let go…I can fly!

Patience does not come easy for me. In fact, I believe it is one of the main lessons I am meant to learn in this life. Sometimes I remind myself of an exuberant puppy that simply can’t contain itself when the dog biscuits come out.

When I was a little girl I couldn’t wait to be 12. That was how old my cousin was when I was 3 and she was everything I wanted to be. It seemed like it took forever and then when I finally got there it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and I couldn’t wait to be 18 and then 21 and then…WHAT HAPPENED??? Suddenly, I was 30 and then dreading 40 and… I have spent a lot of time impatiently waiting for or fearing something that I barely got to experience when it finally happened! Thank God it’s not too late to stop and smell the roses AND the garbage right now.

I don’t want to go to bed early and sleep late. I am done with thinking about the past and the future and missing the now. I want to savor and experience my life, the good and the bad, with grace and dignity in spite of living in this age of instant gratification.

So, I am patiently creating my Lifeboard to help me create the life of my dreams. Rather than daydreaming or obsessing on what I want or don’t want, I am using my Lifeboard to free myself from my own limited thinking. The process is helping me to slow down and take time to contemplate and cultivate the seeds I am planting. And, even though I want it all now, I know that a beautiful garden takes time, care and, yes, patience, before we get to see what grows. And like a garden, my life is growing, unfolding and in constant change with my feet firmly planted in today.

I have a hard time understanding why anyone would prefer to work as a team of one rather than lock arms and minds and be creative with others.

Firstly, it’s a lot more fun. Secondly, you don’t take 100% of the blame if things go south.

Seriously, I just find the creative process amazing. I don’t know if it’s because I lack confidence in my own choices sometimes or if I am smart enough to realize that maybe I just DON’T have all the answers.

For me, throwing out an idea and seeing where someone else’s imagination can go with it is a thrill. Their contribution inspires me to think in new directions and my contribution encourages them to do the same. What comes out of the mix is magic.

I have been called a control freak by many, but I learned from flying that if you are in an airplane and you are in a critical situation, a death grip on the yoke will lead to just that…crash and burn. We can over control. We can under control/contribute, as well. Each can lead to an unsatisfactory result.

So, take a look at how you operate in the world. Are you open to others? Are you willing to be wrong? To change? Will you acknowledge someone else’s ideas and share the wealth? Weren’t we always better when we played well with others? We may be all grown up, but teamwork, if you ask me, is still the answer.

When baby elephants are trained, they are tethered to a stake in the ground which prevents them from escaping. At first the elephant persistently struggles to get away but the stake is much stronger and the elephant soon learns it will not succeed, regardless of its efforts. As the elephant grows, the stake is replaced with a simple wooden stake that can easily be pulled from the ground. But oddly enough the elephant will not try to escape because it no longer questions its limitations.  It refuses to put forth effort where failure is surely the outcome….even though if it tried as an adult it could easily pull up the stake and run free.

We all have “stuff” in our lives that keep us tethered to our own imaginary stakes. Those stakes of fear and doubt are often easily removed if we choose and take action. The most exciting question you can ask yourself is where will YOU go after you escape the circus of fear and doubt?

Tell us your dreams!



Sometimes progress is easy and it just flows………sometimes.  More often than not we are met with obstacles.

Well, we hit ours at a million miles an hour, the two of us, Eva and Sue.  Idea’s flying like crazy, all over the place, all leading to…..THE BRICK WALL.

So what did we do?  We started writing this blog to help us get around, over, under, and through our creative obstacles.  Sometimes it’s hard to know when to temporarily walk away and take a deep breath. 

One never knows where inspiration will originate or when it will strike.  What we do know is that every time we hit “the wall” it’s not failure, it’s feedback.  We all must stop, reflect, and learn …and then continue the journey, whatever that may be.

 So what do you do when you hit your “BRICK WALL”?  Does it break you or do you eventually break through?

The only way we don’t make progress …is if we stop.  Don’t quit before pay day. 

You never know what lies on the other side of the wall.


Eva and Sue

**The LIVE show has now ended but can be downloaded for free from ITunes soon…

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