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The Birth of Venus, Botticelli Sandro


We just gave birth to The Lifeboard: Follow Your Vision. Realize Your Dreams. Boy, this was a different kind of birth from the last one I had nearly 20 years ago! View full article »


I believe in miracles. My son, Beau, is a total miracle! I had been told by several doctors over the years that I would never know the joys of being a mother. Apparently, I had scarring in the uterus, I was too old, I was even allergic to .. of all things… SPERM! AND… I couldn’t hold a fertilized egg! View full article »

How cool is this??? My 19-year-old son, Beau, is going to do a Lifeboard for his band, “Beau Cassidy and the Sundance Kids”!! This kid is going to be WILDLY successful because he is starting out his life with a dream, a goal and the right tools to help him get there! I didn’t always feel this way about Beau’s vision for his life, but now I LUV IT!… and I LUV HIM! They say you are only as happy as your unhappiest child. How true! Beau has been singing himself to sleep since he could talk, and music has always been his passion. View full article »

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