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Join Red Velvet Media’s Holly Stephey as she talks with Sue and Eva from The Lifeboard® about “What are you Thankful for?”


To call in to the show on Wed., Nov. 23, 2011 beginning at 5 pm PST dial:

(347) 677-1036

Direct from Red Velvet Blog Talk Radio:

“What are you thankful for is the topic of this show and I will have special guests from The Lifeboard®!

Join Myself, Sue and Eva as we talk about being thankful and how you can create a vision board that will help you achieve your dreams and goals!”

-Holly Stephey, Red Velvet Media


One of the world’s greatest mysteries is the human mind. It appears that what we think . . . we become.

In other words, our lives are manifestations of our thoughts and emotions. This universal principle has been practiced around the world and throughout the ages.




Creating a Lifeboard® can lead you to the life of your dreams. By collaging your life goals—in love, work, creativity, wealth, and beyond you can bring positive change into your life. This package contains everything you’ll need to start on your journey to a fulfilled future. Your illustrated Lifeboard® will help activate, magnify, and accelerate the realization of your goals and dreams.  The included book and journal clearly and simply explains, step by step, how to use your Lifeboard® and begin to make all your dreams a reality!

Remember: Only you can complete your Lifeboard®


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Imagine if every time you touch someone you create a connection- an invisible thread between you and that person…
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Do We Matter In the Universe? This is a mind-numbing question!!

I remember driving home, stuck in a traffic jam on the 101 freeway in LA when I first moved there from London. As far as my eyes could see there were cars bumper to bumper on both sides of the freeway. When I looked in my rear view mirror…the same. I was overcome with a feeling of insignificance and I began to hyperventilate. View full article »

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At the center of my Lifeboard (visionboard/dreamboard) is HARMONY. That represents ME. I used to feel guilty asking for something for myself. I believed I was being selfish… SELF -ish. Then I started thinking…”What is wrong with taking care of your SELF?” It is all about SELF!! It all starts with me… with you… with our SELVES. View full article »

Be careful what you wish for…and be ready too!!!
We have the ability to be very powerful, if we just let ourselves. View full article »

I have been doing a Vision Board (also known as a Dream Board) for around 15 years. I had no idea anyone else had ever done this crazy process of taking pictures and images and putting them on a board to use as a 3-dimensional diary! View full article »

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