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Winners and Losers


You will only become a winner by doing what winners do. Losers do what losers do. They never seem to change. Nobody goes overnight from loser to winner. It’s not like suddenly winning the lottery. Winning in life is a growth experience.

Remember, by the inch it’s a cinch, by the yard it’s hard.

For you to be a consistent winner in life, the negatives must be removed. If any of the negative habits and attitudes of a loser persist in your life, isn’t now a good time to identify them and begin to work on improving? All you have to do is tackle the most difficult habit or task each day and work on it.

Do the difficult first and all else will be easy. 

What is the most difficult task you have before you today? Do it now—don’t wait! If you truly want to be a winner in life, you must act today. Remember, “today is the tomorrow you hoped for yesterday.” Now is the only time any action can take place. If you don’t begin now, you will never begin. Success on any level of being occurs through the hourglass effect—little by little, grain by grain, the habits of winning accumulate. Soon, your life will be filled with fulfillment and richness.

I wish you the very best in developing a winning personality. So, act now on the realization of your fondest dreams and hopes. Act today the way you’d feel having them already within your grasp. They are already there once you begin to act on them. Act today—do not delay. You’ll be forever glad you did!

Bless you in the sweet richness of life, -Peter Ragnar

Winners listen
Winners act
Winners compliment
Winners see opportunity
Winners are industrious
Winners pay bills
Winners honor their word
Winners are on time
Winners are open to criticism
Winners communicate
Winners are open
Winners say thank you
Winners are generous
Winners are interested in others
Winners talk about ideas
Winners are open
Winners are candid
Winners honor their word
Winners exercise
Winners create beauty
Winners feed birds
Winners plant trees
Winners love nature
Winners love land
Winners understand
Winners feel remorse
Winners show empathy
Winners stay home
Winners seek re-creation
Winners save
Winners invest
Winners question
Winners are flexible
Winners are joyful
Winners are forgiving
Winners are warm
Winners are smart
Winners are curious
Winners are courageous
Winners let others shine
Winners promote others
Winners praise their competition
Winners love success in others
Winners clean up after themselves
Winners stay late
Winners grow flowers
Winners smile
Winners laugh
Winners read
Winners go to bed early
Winners make breakfast
Winners give permission
Winners work with others
Winners inspire
Winners encourage
Winners motivate
Winners rest
Winners love life
Winners self start
Winners kiss their wives
Winners bring flowers
Winners share income
Winners think ahead
Winners are conscious
Winners compliment
Winners leave tips on the table
Winners wave you on in traffic
Winners live in the moment
Winners say thank you
Winners hate bigots
Winners share
Winners trust
Winners seek to understand
Winners are honest
Winners accept differences
Winners serve
Winners endure
Winners bless
Winners find solutions
Winners seek to be peaceful
Winners seek fulfillment
Winners are careful
Winners follow through
Winners are blessed
Winners win

Losers talk
Losers procrastinate
Losers criticize
Losers see risk
Losers are lazy
Losers don’t
Losers find excuses
Losers are always late
Losers are ready to attack
Losers don’t
Losers are closed
Losers say nothing
Losers are cheap
Losers are interested in themselves
Losers talk about others
Losers are closed
Losers are evasive
Losers lie
Losers make excuses
Losers pollute
Losers shoot them
Losers cut them
Losers exploit nature
Losers pave land
Losers feel anger
Losers feel nothing
Losers are callous
Losers get out of town
Losers seek vacations
Losers spend
Losers gamble
Losers accept
Losers are stubborn
Losers are mad
Losers are vengeful
Losers are cold
Losers are stupid
Losers are dull
Losers are fearful
Losers steal the spotlight
Losers promote themselves
Losers praise themselves
Losers resent others’ success
Losers wait for others to do it
Losers leave early
Losers cut flowers
Losers frown
Losers snicker
Losers watch TV
Losers go to bed late
Losers buy breakfast
Losers ask permission
Losers work against others
Losers depress
Losers discourage
Losers find escape
Losers rust
Losers seek the hereafter
Losers need to be cranked
Losers sit their ass
Losers bring complaints
Losers hoard income
Losers fall behind
Losers are unconscious
Losers curse
Losers steal tips from the table
Losers cut you off in traffic
Losers live in the past
Losers say no problem
Losers are bigots
Losers don’t
Losers are suspicious
Losers seek to preach
Losers are dishonest
Losers are intolerant
Losers wait to be served
Losers agonize
Losers fume
Losers fuss
Losers seek to be right
Losers seek fun
Losers are careless
Losers stall
Losers are cursed
Losers lose


Patience does not come easy for me. In fact, I believe it is one of the main lessons I am meant to learn in this life. Sometimes I remind myself of an exuberant puppy that simply can’t contain itself when the dog biscuits come out.

When I was a little girl I couldn’t wait to be 12. That was how old my cousin was when I was 3 and she was everything I wanted to be. It seemed like it took forever and then when I finally got there it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and I couldn’t wait to be 18 and then 21 and then…WHAT HAPPENED??? Suddenly, I was 30 and then dreading 40 and… I have spent a lot of time impatiently waiting for or fearing something that I barely got to experience when it finally happened! Thank God it’s not too late to stop and smell the roses AND the garbage right now.

I don’t want to go to bed early and sleep late. I am done with thinking about the past and the future and missing the now. I want to savor and experience my life, the good and the bad, with grace and dignity in spite of living in this age of instant gratification.

So, I am patiently creating my Lifeboard to help me create the life of my dreams. Rather than daydreaming or obsessing on what I want or don’t want, I am using my Lifeboard to free myself from my own limited thinking. The process is helping me to slow down and take time to contemplate and cultivate the seeds I am planting. And, even though I want it all now, I know that a beautiful garden takes time, care and, yes, patience, before we get to see what grows. And like a garden, my life is growing, unfolding and in constant change with my feet firmly planted in today.

You Can Have It All – A Lesson of Abundance
P3 Energy & BodyWorks

Check out this excellent article titled, “How to Have it All – A Lesson in Abundance”! The article says: “Creating a Vision/Lifeboard is the perfect vehicle to help you focus, dream, create and manifest.” It really gives an insightful message on how to set and achieve your goals in life and aspirations… Co-author, Linda Blum Huntington was also quoted!

Click on Image for Video Link

The Lifeboard Video for College Students!

Sue Shifrin-Cassidy and Linda Blum Huntington, co-authors of The Lifeboard: Follow Your Vision, Realize Your Dreams, together at the LA Lifeboard Workshop!

Lifeboard Workshop at Chronicle Books, San Francisco, CA

LA Lifeboard Workshop






Thank You for an absolute blast at our latest Lifeboard Workshops in Los Angeles and San Francisco in May!






**The LIVE show has now ended but can be downloaded for free from ITunes soon…

With summer plans fast approaching, it may be a perfect time to look back into your past and think about all the positive people that have affected your life. People you share great, heart-warming memories with, friends that have made a difference to you and the kind of person you have grown to be because, in part, how you connected.

The next step is to pick up the telephone, try a search on the internet, attend a school reunion and attempt to try and rekindle an old friendship. Let others know you still care! You are putting out positivity into the Universe and that same positivity will return to you in kind. It’s amazing how time does not change anything between two old friend’s relationship no matter how many years have passed!

On our journey to realizing our dreams, sometimes, while we are waiting, we can look at others, and in our impatience, find ourselves wanting what they have.

Envy is such a toxic emotion. The definition of envy is: “a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another’s advantages, success, possessions, etc.”

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