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“Life is about learning, and it’s also about teaching. It’s about discovering new things about the world, about other people, and even about yourself. It’s about what you’ve learned at the end of the day, in the most difficult of situations, and in the most trying of times. It’s about shining a light in the midst of darkness–making the best out of an unfortunate situation. Life is about our laughter, our accomplishments, our sunny days, our rainy days, our tears, our failures…our journey.”

~T.S. Wilkins~

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Watch Sue’s Interview about The Lifeboard™ on NBC 6 (WTVJ) Miami’s “South Florida Today” TV Show!! Aired 1/7/11, 11 am. View full article »

A Stroll Down Memory Lane…

Remember sitting in your little chair in elementary school and your teacher said, “Today we are going to do something different!”? It was time to make our holiday tree paper chains!

Colored paper, colored pens, stapler, jewels, glue, scissors, feathers, all kinds of beautiful accessories and trinkets to make the most beautiful garland the world had ever seen!! Sometimes the chains had no decorations at all, so the goal was to make it the longest chain ever!! Then you would bring it home and everyone would “ooh and ahh” and put it on the tree or hang it someplace special! View full article »

Be careful what you wish for…and be ready too!!!
We have the ability to be very powerful, if we just let ourselves. View full article »

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