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Welcome 1/1/11
Happy New Year!!

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Why do some people realize their dreams, and, against all odds, accomplish incredible things? Why do some people work like dogs to get somewhere in life and never seem to go anywhere but their own mental doghouse, beaten down by “failure”? View full article »

As we approach the beginning of 2011 with a clean slate we should all look back on 2010 with gratitude and a deeper sense of wisdom. Another year has passed and infused us with another layer of wondrous life. Although our spectrum of experiences can range from remarkable to disappointing, it’s the contrast of those experiences that becomes our light and nourishment; our constant reminder of the power of choice. View full article »

Holiday Letter to Sue:

“Ho, Ho, Ho Sue. Hope Santa brought you all the good things that you deserve. I have had a lovely family time last night and today. Lots of good cooking and presents that our lovely daughters gave to us… View full article »

The following is a piece written by Beliefnet.com about The Lifeboard on “The Inspiration Report”:

Follow Your Dreams with Lifeboard

Monday December 20, 2010
Happier You

We came across a very cool New Year’s gift idea called “The Lifeboard.” It is basically an elegant game board that highlights the areas of life that most people are interesting in enhancing. It encourages you to create a vision map/treasure map to your dreams. View full article »

Don’t tell ME dreams don’t come true!! I have evidence that they DO!!! 15 years ago, I had a dream that The Lifeboard would be on the Jumbotron on the most famous street in the universe… BROADWAY in NYC.  I had that dream 14 years ago… and 10 years ago… and 5 years ago… and I NEVER lost sight of it. View full article »

I have just spent a week traveling the lengths and breadths of the UK and had the most extraordinary experience!! I was in the presence of several hundred people who all believe that they can determine their own futures! How fab is that? View full article »

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