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You Can Have It All – A Lesson of Abundance
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Check out this excellent article titled, “How to Have it All – A Lesson in Abundance”! The article says: “Creating a Vision/Lifeboard is the perfect vehicle to help you focus, dream, create and manifest.” It really gives an insightful message on how to set and achieve your goals in life and aspirations… Co-author, Linda Blum Huntington was also quoted!

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The Lifeboard Video for College Students!

Sue Shifrin-Cassidy and Linda Blum Huntington, co-authors of The Lifeboard: Follow Your Vision, Realize Your Dreams, together at the LA Lifeboard Workshop!

Lifeboard Workshop at Chronicle Books, San Francisco, CA

LA Lifeboard Workshop






Thank You for an absolute blast at our latest Lifeboard Workshops in Los Angeles and San Francisco in May!






**The LIVE show has now ended but can be downloaded for free from ITunes soon…

With summer plans fast approaching, it may be a perfect time to look back into your past and think about all the positive people that have affected your life. People you share great, heart-warming memories with, friends that have made a difference to you and the kind of person you have grown to be because, in part, how you connected.

The next step is to pick up the telephone, try a search on the internet, attend a school reunion and attempt to try and rekindle an old friendship. Let others know you still care! You are putting out positivity into the Universe and that same positivity will return to you in kind. It’s amazing how time does not change anything between two old friend’s relationship no matter how many years have passed!

On our journey to realizing our dreams, sometimes, while we are waiting, we can look at others, and in our impatience, find ourselves wanting what they have.

Envy is such a toxic emotion. The definition of envy is: “a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another’s advantages, success, possessions, etc.”

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Josephine Gross, co-owner of Gabriel Media Group and Networking Times Magazine with The Lifeboard co-author, Sue Shifrin-Cassidy at The Real Savvy Networking event in Orlando, FL. There was a wonderful Lifeboard presentation at the event on Saturday, April 16, 2011.

Christopher Gross, co-owner of Gabriel Media Group and Networking Times Magazine with The Lifeboard co-author, Eva Adrienne Anderson at The Real Savvy Networking Event in Orlando, FL., April 16, 2011.



Sue, Eva and Linda on break from creating content for the upcoming Lifeboard™ Youtube Channel!

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