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“Life is about learning, and it’s also about teaching. It’s about discovering new things about the world, about other people, and even about yourself. It’s about what you’ve learned at the end of the day, in the most difficult of situations, and in the most trying of times. It’s about shining a light in the midst of darkness–making the best out of an unfortunate situation. Life is about our laughter, our accomplishments, our sunny days, our rainy days, our tears, our failures…our journey.”

~T.S. Wilkins~


At the center of my Lifeboard (visionboard/dreamboard) is HARMONY. That represents ME. I used to feel guilty asking for something for myself. I believed I was being selfish… SELF -ish. Then I started thinking…”What is wrong with taking care of your SELF?” It is all about SELF!! It all starts with me… with you… with our SELVES. View full article »

“Live out of your imagination, not your history.” – Stephen R. Covey

Reality is Subjective
How do some individuals achieve a level of success that seems impossible for most other people?
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A Look Inside………..

I live in Saratoga Springs, NY and anyone who knows anything about horse racing knows that Saratoga Springs is “The August Place To Be”. That’s because the wildly anticipated annual horseracing “meet” starts in late July, runs all of August and ends Labor Day Monday. As I drive down Union Avenue and pass the now deserted Racetrack I am struck by its beauty and elegance. View full article »

I have been doing a Vision Board (also known as a Dream Board) for around 15 years. I had no idea anyone else had ever done this crazy process of taking pictures and images and putting them on a board to use as a 3-dimensional diary! View full article »

‘The Lifeboard’
board is divided into 9 areas for personal growth:

  1. Harmony (yourself)

  2. Children & Creativity

  3. Family & Health

  4. Success

  5. Friends & Travel

  6. Career

  7. Love & Marriage

  8. Wealth & Prosperity

  9. Knowledge & Education.

What areas will you focus extra hard on or all?

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