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THE LIFEBOARD™ was featured on FOX & FRIENDS!!


Watch Sue’s Interview about The Lifeboard™ on NBC 6 (WTVJ) Miami’s “South Florida Today” TV Show!! Aired 1/7/11, 11 am. View full article »

When I was a child my favorite number was 11.

Maybe it was my “lucky number” because it was #1 twice, double #1? Maybe it was because my best friend’s sister liked that number? Maybe it was because it became my soccer jersey number and I wore it every week? Maybe I just liked the way it looked, two ones together like exclamation marks?! Whatever the reason or multiple reasons why I began to like that number it started out in my early elementary years and has stuck with me for over thirty more! View full article »

The Lifeboard Girls Send Abundance To All On This Truly Special New Year!  1-1-11

This New Year’s Day falls on 1-1-11… a sequence of numbers worthy of contemplation.  Historically, various religion, metaphysical practices and divinatory arts have attached significance to the symbolism surrounding this number pattern.  A short list includes: View full article »

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