The Birth of Venus, Botticelli Sandro


We just gave birth to The Lifeboard: Follow Your Vision. Realize Your Dreams. Boy, this was a different kind of birth from the last one I had nearly 20 years ago!

Back in 1991, I gave birth to a baby boy named Beau. I watched my body go thru the most remarkable changes and the profile of my stomach ultimately looked like the nose of a 747! Funny, coz from the back I looked totally normal. From the side.., forget about it!

That birth took 9 months- just like most people’s pregnancies. It was totally normal and predictable. Nothing remarkable, and I followed the millions of women before me who went thru the process that ultimately led to the first breath of my beautiful son.

Giving birth to a book was a whole other story! That pregnancy lasted 15 years! There was nothing predictable about it and I began to wonder if this baby would ever be born!

Birthing an idea is a lengthy process that doesn’t follow a plan. It evolves over time. Sometimes, it takes a LONG time and it looks and feels like nothing is growing. I guess some people bring forth an idea and give birth to it much like a hermaphrodite would- all by themselves. In this case, there were a bunch of parents necessary to give life to The Lifeboard. Linda Blum Huntington, Eva Adrienne Anderson, Kate and Neil Wright and ALL of the people at Chronicle Books can legitimately lay claim to their parentage!

Thank God for each and every one of them! The Lifeboard is a true child of all of us. It is the sum of all of the parts that came together to create it. A collaborative effort… a labor of love.

Thank you all for sharing our dream. Thanks to you, The Lifeboard: Follow Your Vision. Realize Your Dreams is a dream that became a reality!

And thank you… ALL of you… who have supported us along the way.
May all of YOUR dreams come true!

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